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Cyberlatte - September 22

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Although the company reported that it managed to detect the cyberattack in time to limit its potential scope and considerably contain the number of affected systems - it recovered 50% of the data - the national government reported that it will sue the company for the damages. and damages caused to Colombians, arguing that IFX Networks failed in its commitment to guarantee cybersecurity.

In regulatory filings with the SEC, the company said the cyberattack "damaged portions of the company's IT infrastructure, causing a large-scale disruption to Clorox's operations."

Canada's largest airline this week announced a data breach involving its employees' information, but said its operations and customer data were not affected.

Xcaret reported this Monday that it suffered a cyber attack, which affected some operating systems. However, the company, with its specialized team, prevented customers from being affected.

Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount told members of Congress that paying the approximately $4.3 million in Bitcoin ransom was “the most difficult decision made in my 39 years in the energy industry.” Paying hackers and further fueling the criminal cycle of ransom demands or risking significant disruption or even bankruptcy is an impossible choice.


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