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CyberLatte - September 1

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The agency admitted earlier this month that it discovered unauthorized activity in its email system, although it did not provide too many details and announced a series of measures. Apparently, it would be the Chinese army that had been behind these maneuvers that affected the NISC.

Attackers in two active campaigns placed 'BadBazaar' malware in fake Signal and Telegram apps distributed through official app stores, including the Google Play store and the Samsung Galaxy store, according to research published Wednesday by cybersecurity firm ESET. .

Internet access has been restored to Gabon's 2.3 million residents following the military-led coup on Wednesday morning. Ahead of Saturday's election, President Ali Bongo Ondimba's government shut down the internet and banned several foreign media outlets from covering the results.

In recent years, RDP systems with insecure logins, such as weak passwords that can be unlocked by password guessing software, have provided key access points for cybercriminals to break into corporate networks.

The problems that Caja Popular Mexicana faced regarding the proper functioning of its services were due to a cybersecurity incident, said the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). On July 16, the entity reported that “for maintenance” its SPEI services, correspondents, ATMs and its CPM Móvil Plus application were out of service. From then until August 25, he gradually restored them; but announced that it will be until September 7 when credit operations will be available.


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