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Cyberlatte - September 15

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Recent attacks linked to Iran have primarily focused on Israel, the United States, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. In its new campaign, which ran from February to July, Peach Sandstorm used a combination of custom and publicly available tools to compromise its targets and gather intelligence “in support of the interests of the Iranian state,” Microsoft said.

A massive cyberattack affects hundreds of websites in Panama, Chile and Colombia, and left the state portals for public service in health and justice disabled, the Colombian government reported on Thursday (09/14/2023). "It is a ransomware attack where they attacked IFX Networks," an American technology services provider, Saúl Kattan, presidential advisor for Colombia's digital transformation, told Caracol Radio.

“And then the nightmare began,” exclaims Guillermo Ibarrola, recalling his arrest at the busy train station in the center of the city of Buenos Aires, where we meet. He points to the cameras at the end of the tracks and then points his finger at a door at the edge of the station's large concourse; The building has been declared a World Heritage Site. “They kept me there for six days.” He slept on bare cement, in a small cell. The second night they gave him a blanket. “The facial recognition system identified me as a criminal,” he tells me. The crime he allegedly committed: “armed robbery in a city where I had never been in my life. The possible sentence, they told me, up to 15 years.”

The lack of investment in cybersecurity within the Mexican educational sector puts the data and personal information of 29 million students at risk, the vast majority of them minors, cybersecurity experts warned, indicating that around 80 percent of Educational institutions were targeted at least one ransomware cyber attack attempt.

Several cybercriminals have managed to distribute malware for computers with the Linux operating system through the official website of the download manager Free Download Manager, and this incident has gone unnoticed by users for three years.


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