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Cyberlatte - October 23

Café con la palabra Cyberlatte

Officials in Victorville, a city of about 135,000 residents two hours northeast of Los Angeles, sent breach notification letters to people warning that hackers were on their systems from Aug. 12 to Sept. 26.

According to sources from the Digital Policies Secretariat of the Catalan secessionist Government, the impact is mostly internal, although citizens can perceive it in "some localized services", for example its Optimot tool. This is a linguistic search engine created by the Ministry of Culture that, at the moment, cannot be accessed.

Only 19% of organizations in Spain were able to recover their information without paying the ransom, which denotes that the companies' protection plans have become obsolete, as well as the lack of attention to recovery systems. backup.

Deadly biological weapons, automated cybersecurity attacks, powerful artificial intelligence (AI) models that break free from human control. These are just some of the potential threats posed by AI, according to a new UK government report published to help set the agenda for the AI ​​Safety Summit, an international summit on the safety of AI to be held in said nation next week


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