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Cyberlatte - October 13

"Until the market opens up with more options, we recommend that CISOs work on their marketability by strengthening their personal brand, elevating their business acumen competency and executive presence to position themselves strongly with potential workers."

Simpson Manufacturing Company told the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it experienced disruptions to its IT infrastructure on Tuesday after malicious activity was discovered. The company took the systems offline immediately.

Activist hackers jump into war between Israel and Hamas, for both sides

Within hours of Hamas militants and rockets entering Israel, these types of “hacktivist” attacks began to emerge against both Israeli and Palestinian websites and applications.

This cyber attack on the dryer, which represents a “fraudulent” alteration of the flow in the payment process, would have allowed the extraction of data from customers' credit cards. According to the company, “there is no evidence that the leak was used to commit any fraud.”

Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., said in a blog post published Tuesday that its cloud services had prevented an avalanche of fraudulent traffic seven times larger than the record attack thwarted last year.


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