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Cyberlatte - November 10

Café con la palabra Cyberlatte

The new National Pact will precisely seek to promote public policies in the country so that children also achieve responsible and safe use of the Internet. With the cooperation of digital companies and the government of Mexico.

ICBC Financial Services (FS) has explained that last Wednesday in the United States, Thursday in Beijing, it experienced a 'ransomware' attack, which seeks to block or disable affected equipment and systems using malicious code ('malware'), which led to the interruption of certain systems of the ICBC subsidiary in the United States.

During keynote addresses and a panel discussion (the only public elements of the conference), allies, including this year's host, Germany, and next year's host, the United Kingdom, said they supported creating a " NATO Cyber ​​Center".

GPT Chat services stopped operating this Wednesday due to a denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack, the effects of which the technology company is still experiencing and mitigating.


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