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Cyberlatte - January 5th, the most relevant news.

Café con la palabra Cyberlatte

Here's WIRED's analysis of the year's worst breaches, leaks, ransomware attacks, digital extortion cases and state-sponsored hacking campaigns. Stay alert and stay safe out there.

The first test of this type for the ECB, this will be carried out in 109 entities under its direct supervision and "will seek to evaluate the reaction of banks to a cyber attack and their recovery after it, rather than their ability to prevent said attack", explained in a statement.

In the first five to six months of 2023, the entity suffered more or less five percent of the total attacks, which makes it the fifth most attacked state within the Republic.

A murky mix of advertisers and technology companies track which websites you visit, predicting what your interests are and what you might want to buy. Search engines, browsers, and apps can record every search or scroll you make.


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