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Awareness and Action: Opportunities for Mobile Security in Mexico

This blog is a summary of the fourth and final part of the 2023 Cybersecurity Survey (download it here), Cybersecurity of the Mobile Ecosystem in Mexico.

In previous posts, we have reviewed the first three parts of the Survey published by the Internet MX Association that CyberLat sponsored along with AWS, NYCE, and Cdetech:

The results of this part of the Survey show us clear results; it is essential to raise awareness among mobile device users about cybersecurity practices.

Another fact that draws attention is the difference in the use of cybersecurity apps between men and women. There is a marked male preference (77%) in the use of these applications.

The trend of younger users, ages 26 to 35, reflects interest and awareness of potentially more acute cyber risks in emerging generations.

The leadership in antivirus and antimalware downloads reflects awareness of the need to defend against digital threats, a fundamental pillar in online security. The importance placed on anti-theft protection, two-factor authentication, and physical device security underscores the importance of hardware access and integrity security.

This section of the survey allows us to learn about many areas of opportunity. First of all, raise awareness among mobile device users about the risks that exist. Also, more inclusive educational campaigns can be created that encompass and train the most vulnerable groups, for example children, adolescents, the elderly and women in digital security.

On the other hand, it is shown that awareness and investment in cybersecurity can be linked to the level of income and access to education. Just as generations adopt different applications, which suggests that digital protection strategies must be more personalized, taking into account the needs and characteristic behaviors of each segment.

Finally, there is a huge opportunity for improved education on the use of encryption tools, private browsers, password managers and content blockers.

Just as we have opened up infinite possibilities for learning, knowledge and communication, we need to do so carefully and with an awareness of the risks that exist when exposing ourselves online. There is a lot that can be done, let's start by taking responsibility for what accompanies us daily, our mobile device.


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