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Everything you need to know about CyberSOC

You've probably heard about CyberSOC without having much detail about how it works and what it is for. Its importance is key. The SOC (Security Operations Center) is the heart of an organization's information security. It is responsible for monitoring, detecting, and analyzing threats in real time. That is, 24/7/365. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in actively defending the organization against growing cyber threats and ensuring timely response to security incidents.

CyberSOC Cyrebro
CyberSOC Cyrebro

How does CyberSOC work?

The CyberSOC is made up of different components:

A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a technological platform that collects, relates and analyzes security data from multiple sources in real time.

It helps find anomalous patterns or threats, and provides alerts and reports for effective information security management. Its use will be even more relevant now as multiple attacks facilitated by AI (artificial intelligence) are being generated.

A SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) is a security platform that combines process automation, task orchestration, and incident response to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of security teams.

The CyberSOC must also integrate an XDR (Extended Detection and Response) which is an advanced security approach that integrates multiple data sources, such as endpoints, networks, applications and clouds, to offer improved visibility and detection of threats. In our opinion, the XDR is the best friend of the SIEM.

Why should I consider a CyberSOC for my organization?

By investing in a CyberSOC, a company strengthens its defenses against cyber attacks, mitigating risks, protecting business continuity and preserving the trust of customers and partners. Constant monitoring, proactive threat analysis, and effective response capabilities make CyberSOC an essential component for maintaining cybersecurity and resilience in the face of a constantly evolving digital landscape.

This solution is accessible to all types of organizations, from SMEs to global companies. Hiring a CyberSOC is getting the dedicated talent and technology to mitigate cyber risk. This means having the complete service without incurring the entire cost.

At CyberLat we can help you implement this and many other cybersecurity strategies tailored to your organization through “CISO as a Service”. In this, we direct and manage your organization's comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It includes the CyberSOC, Risk Assessment and Management modules. Schedule a call with our experts to find out what your company needs in terms of cybersecurity.


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