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Digital Cyber ​​Protection by 2024: Anticipate Cybersecurity Challenges

This past year 2023 has left us great cybersecurity lessons. We have seen cyberattacks cause million-dollar losses and affect us all.

At CyberLat, these are the technological trends that will impact cybersecurity:

8 tendencias de ciberseguridad para 2024
8 tendencias de ciberseguridad para 2024

Artificial intelligence

The use and misuse of this technology will no longer be new. It will be used to create malicious code or enable botnets. We will see smart chats, email newsletters, and text messages to generate multiple phishing vectors.

Use of Deepfakes

These fake photos, audios or videos threaten the stability of a country by promoting misinformation and conspiracy theories by impersonating identities. We must be alert in the presidential elections in Mexico, deepfakes will be used to erode public trust and influence their results.

Hacktivist Networks

Following this year's wars, coordinated groups of hacktivists who carry out malicious acts online to promote political, social or religious agendas have strengthened. They carry out denial of service, defacement and data exfiltration attacks.

Supply chains

Attacks on these infrastructures are an effective way to violate security since the systems are interconnected between clients and suppliers. These attacks inject malicious components without the developer, manufacturer, or end customer realizing it.


It is and will continue to be a growing extortion scheme. This attack encrypts the systems or data of the attacked organization, hijacks its operation and is not released until a ransom is paid.

Social engineering

They manipulate people into sharing sensitive information, downloading malicious software, sending money to criminals, or making mistakes that compromise their personal or organizational security.

Zero-Day Attacks

They are system or software engineering failures not known to the providers. There are no patches or updates that can be effective in preventing these cyberattacks.

Compromised Credentials

Data breaches based on compromised credentials. This type of attack is very common since a large part of hacktivist activities is to exfiltrate access credential databases.

These trends require us to create and maintain a Cybersecurity Strategy that encompasses each and every one of these attack vectors.

Although this year organizations will allocate more budget and improve their capabilities, cybercriminal attacks will become increasingly sophisticated, there is no infallible cybersecurity, but we must create an environment of immediate response and risk mitigation. At CyberLat, we hope to help protect your organization and ensure your peace of mind.


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