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Cyberlatte - December 8th

Café con la palabra Cyberlatte

45% of the 20 most used online passwords in Mexico can be decrypted in less than a second. This is one of the conclusions of the NordPass report on the most used passwords worldwide in 2023.

The state administration reported that the initial diagnosis did not register any effects on the central system; however, as a preventive measure, all agency portals are disabled as a protection measure and to keep them under surveillance. Various administrative procedures and the issuance of licenses were suspended.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said it plans to take a series of actions in an effort to better address cyberattacks on hospitals, which have caused dozens of outages across the country in recent months.

The use of Artificial Intelligence for identity theft; Attacks with banking Trojans of Brazilian origin and the persistence of ransomware attacks will take on special relevance among the trends that the cybersecurity company Kaspersky identifies for the Latin American region.


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