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ANIA - UNESCO Diagnosis, the first step for Mexico in AI

Photo: Senate of the Republic of Mexico

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a reality. A cursory look at what is reported in the news is enough to see that AI is used in all areas, from health and entertainment to political campaigns. On April 21, the National Artificial Intelligence Alliance (ANIA), coordinated by Senator Alejandra Lagunes, was presented in the Senate of the Republic, with the purpose of creating a legislative framework that allows regulating and strengthening the AI ​​ecosystem in Mexico .

Within the framework of this initiative, Gabriela Ramos, on behalf of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and ANIA, joined forces to carry out a diagnosis of the state of artificial intelligence in Mexico. As the ANIA has stated, we must foster opportunities, mitigate risks and ensure that AI is developed and deployed in an ethical and responsible manner.

This diagnosis is a great starting point for the AI ​​ecosystem. Particularly because, according to UNESCO figures, 67% of information technology (IT) managers will be prioritizing generative AI for their company in the next 18 months and 33% consider it a top priority. The majority, 57%, believe that generative AI “will change the rules of the game.”

The figures are even more defining if we compare the time it has taken for various applications to accumulate a million users, ChatGPT took a few days while Netflix took more than 40 months.

While the above figures are very encouraging, what are the challenges of ChatGPT?

  • Lack of transparency of information sources

  • Plagiarism

  • User distrust due to lack of knowledge of information sources

  • Reproduction and biased information (since this is taken from the web)

  • Lack of accountability mechanisms

The above points are just the surface of what remains to be explored in the use and application of AI, also taking into account that ChatGPT has been launched for less than a year. Although we can see very positive applications for humanity, let us keep in mind that there are aspects that generate great uncertainty, fears, and that are potential dangers for people and global society. At CyberLat, we constantly update ourselves to prevent and measure the cybersecurity needs that are needed at this time. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you have assured peace of mind


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